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  • For use with typewriters.
  • Economical, easy-to-install correctable ribbon.
SKU Code: DPSR0500
For Model Number: ABS System I, System II, System III, System IV, System V; Casio 2000, FE2000, KP300; Citizen 3241, 3516, 3520, 3530, 3535, 3540, 3541, 3546, 3550, 3551, 4530; CBM-301, CBM-614, CBM-710, CBM-715, CBM-720, CBM-725, CBM-730, CBM-750, CBM-DP600, CBM-DP614, CBM-VLT, CP-121 Numeric; DD-600, DP-3520, DP-3530, DP-4530, DP-600, DP-6000, DP610, DP610H, DP611, DP-612, DP612G, DP614; DP-617, DP-617G, DP-617P, DP-622, DP-627, DP-630, DP-710, DP-720, DP-750; IDP-2516, IDP-3516, IDP-3520, IDP-353, IDP-3530, IDP-3530-F, IDP-3530-P, IDP-3531; IDP-3535, IDP-3540, IDP-3540-F, IDP-3540-P, IDP-3541, IDP-3541-F, IDP-3546, IDP-3550, IDP-3551, IDP-4530, IDP-4540, IR-61, VLT-Gaming; CRS 2000, 3000, 2000 Remote; Datacard 22, 24, 560, 640 Citizen Printer, 840 Citizen Printer, Troy Slip; Datarol 780, 3530-SP; JCM 3700; Micros 3700, 4700, 8700, 1200 Series, 385-1, 600013 Auto Cut, AC/2 Slip Printer, Autocut 2, Autocut 4000, Autocut 4700; Olympia CM1920; Panasonic 6520, 6522, 7000, DP630, Fast Food POS System, II, IR61, JS130, JS550, JS660, JS660RM, JS7500, JS800RM, Pan. II Old Style; Royal 9200-CMS, Alpha 1750, Alpha 9170, CMS750, CMS9000; Sanyo ECR-340; Sharp 430ERA, 770ERA, A430, ER03RP, ER4400 Citizen, ER4410 Citizen, ER4420 Citizen, ER4430 Citizen, ER-A430, ER-A770; Swintec WSW2250; TEC MA1300; Towa ET5416, ET6120, ET6420, ET6420-F; Verifone 300, 350, 2XP
R0500 Compatible Correctable Ribbon


Global Product TypeInk/Correction Ribbons
Device TypesTypewriter
Ribbon TypeCorrectable
Printing TypeSinglestrike
Correction Tape TypeCorrectable
Pre-Consumer Recycled Content Percent0%
Post-Consumer Recycled Content Percent0%
Total Recycled Content Percent0%
$7.79 /EA
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